Retailers reaching a tipping point due to e-commerce growth

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Retailers have reached a tipping point and are pressured to adapt their warehouses and logistics to meet growing digital demand, a new report published by TLT had found.

‘The ubiquity of online and the growing number of retail channels – including the growth of social media and voice assistants – is having a profound and lasting effect on the consumer psyche and their shopping habits, not least their expectations around delivery,’ the report explains.

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As consumers are becoming more and more focused on fast and quality delivery businesses are forced to come up with new solutions to keep shoppers happy. The main reason for worry is that retailers face high levels of uncertainty and are not sure what to do next. Major risks are Brexit and how it will affect imports and exports, as well as the uncertainty around new regulations for the sector.

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To fight that retailers plan to invest in logistics and better practices that can deliver better customer service. Warehouse management systems and data analytics systems are becoming increasingly important as they can build better visibility and flexibility.

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