Uber Freight to launch in the Netherlands

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This is the first European market the Uber Freight enters.

Uber Freight will start its first operations in Europe in the Netherlands. The app will launch in the following weeks and the company plans to expand in other European markets soon.

Uber points at the lack of drivers and other labour shortages at the European market as one of the reason to establish its operations. According to the company small and medium-size carriers experience problems connecting to shippers and the app will be able to solve this.

‘By removing some barriers between carriers and shippers and creating better ways for them to work together, we aim to unite the industry towards a more efficient and transparent future, one that benefits everyone,’ says Uber.

The app is used to connect trucking companies and loads to haul. Drivers receive the pricing upfront and can easily book a load with few simple steps. Shippers benefit from the app as it allows them a greater access to service providers.

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