Zero carbon achievable only if recommendations are followed

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The goal to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is possible, but the British government needs to act quickly and follow recommendations, says a report by The Committee of Climate Change.

Higher targets can be met if the UK is ready to rely on technology to solve some of its problems. ‘The reduction in costs of batteries for electric vehicles and offshore wind generation in particular mean net-zero greenhouse gas target can be met at an annual cost of up to 1-2% of GDP to 2050,’ the report explains.

Amazon to cut carbon emissions by half by 2030

The National Infrastructure Assessment said that the UK needs to focus on its targets so 50% of the energy will come by renewables by 2030. Another key area is providing a national network for charging electrical vehicles.

Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission Sir John Armitt said:

“Today’s report highlights the importance of urgent, concerted action to protect the UK’s economy and environment from the impacts of climate change. Future generations won’t forgive us if we don’t act together and with a sharp focus.”

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