The Logistics Point Magazine-Jan 2020

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The new online magazine published by The Logistics Point where you can read stories and analysis from the business world is here! Coming 20th January 2020!

In the first issue you can read:

Port of Los Angeles is Going Smart: How the large US port is investing in smart technologies to enable better visibility and traceability of the cargo that goes in and out. Christopher Chase, marketing manager at the port, shares his views on the future of the industry and what to expect in the new decade.

FM Logistic invests in zero waste: The French logistics company is working with its partners around the world to create a zero waste supply chain starting from its warehouses. In this interview you can read what it will take for the logistics industry to become more sustainable and why it is important to work on green logistics.

Tourists turn into logisticians: PiggyBee, a Belgium startup, is working with travellers all around the world to bring parcels and goods from far away places.

Many more too! Coming 20th January 2020!

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