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Are you home for all your deliveries? Missing a delivery is an inconvenience for customers and companies. Some try to solve this by asking their neighbours to sign for a delivery, others end up with their parcels in the bin. Paul Needler, iParcelBox CEO, wants to eliminate the constant worry that your delivery will be taken away with the rubbish.

We have all been there. You order something and when it arrives you are not at home to receive it. The delivery is repeated a couple of times, until you are forced to go and collect it from a depo. For customers this is annoying, but for logistics providers it is costly, inefficient and works against every business sense. Paul Needler has set on a journey to solve that by providing a smart parcel delivery box.

Simple installation

The box is made from steel and is manufactured in the UK (iParcelBox are members of Made in Britain). The electronics are also British and come from Yorkshire. The whole set is assembled and dispatched from a facility in Harrow, London. ‘The installation is very simple,’ says Paul.

It just needs to be bolted down either to the floor or a wall, plugged in and connected to the customer’s Wi-Fi network.

The startup is focusing its efforts on private customers. The iParcelBox is courier-agnostic, so customers are not restricted by where they can order from.

However, the firm is working with some logistics providers to leverage their existing network and make the whole experience nicer and cost effective. ‘The benefit for them is that they see a reduction in missed deliveries,’ Paul explains.

Read the full story in The Logistics Point Magazine April 2020. Out 31st March! Subscribe here to get it for free!

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