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Project Logistics Alliance is a body that helps project freight forwarders meet with like minded professionals, find customers and expand. The organisation allows only two companies from a country and is an elite club . Maya Wagner, the network coordinator, talked with The Logistics Point to explain what the organisation does and how members benefit from it.

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What are the needs of the project freight forwarding industry and how is it different from other parts of the logistics sector?

In the project forwarding industry each project is individual. In order to plan and execute a challenging project, it is essential to have the right partners to work with. Unlike other logistics sectors, you don’t get a second chance if a business fails as mistakes of whatever nature always have immediate consequences that in severe cases might ruin an entire company.

What are the challenges that your members face on a daily basis? How can they be overcome?

One of the biggest challenges today is finding people on the other side of the world with sufficient knowledge and competitive prices to work with. Having the right contacts of people you can entrust your projects with is essential and this is where being a member of the Project Logistics Alliance helps.

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What are the main goals of the PL Alliance?

Our main goal is to create a community of true experts in the project logistics industry and to provide them with an atmosphere where they can meet the right people. We believe that in a world that becomes increasingly impersonal and transactional it is essential to have relationships based on trust and respect, even more than ever before.

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We want our members to engage with each other to establish long-term relationships, exchange knowledge and in the end be able to serve their individual customers even better by having the right partners in our network.

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