Covid-19: Fewer offices, more automated warehousing

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As coronavirus has forced people to work from home it is possible to see a shift in the need for warehouses and the way they are built.

Logistics jobs transform as firms go digital

One of the outcomes could be reducing the office space in warehouse buildings as people more frequently work from home. Additionally, warehouses are likely to become more automated, with the pandemic acting as a driving force for many.

Online shopping is continuing to drive the demand for warehouse space, as more and more customers prefer it. ‘In order to satisfy ecommerce needs in the

UK companies will need at least 44 million sq ft of space,’

explains Will Laing, Logistics Analyst, Commercial Research, at Savills.


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Will Cooper, Head of Development Project Management in the Building & Project Consultancy team at Savills, adds that the UK could see a surge in manufacturing due to border concerns and other market forces. Laing thinks that the supply and demand dynamic will be kept positive despite the expectations of a world recession because of the coronavirus.

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