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With the importance of cutting pollution and waste, logistics has to find a way to do its share. FM Logistic, a leading company in the industry, has embarked on a journey to become zero waste. Pénélope Laigo, sustainable development manager at FM Logistic, talked to The Logistics Point and shared how the firm is planning to achieve its goals.

The interview was first published in The Logistics Point Magazine January 2020.

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There are multiple reasons for committing to waste reduction. Traditional warehousing, transport and co-packing activities produce a significant amount of waste paper and cardboard. Think, for instance, of oversized boxes or styrofoam packing peanuts used to protect items in packages. The overuse of plastic wrap for securing pallets is another issue.

‘Some of our customers are major consumer brands and they have announced commitments to reduce plastic waste. As they increasingly plan ethical or environmentally sustainable changes to their supply chains, we want to help them reach their goals,’ explains Laigo.

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The logistics company is implementing a three step plan to increase the incentives, work with all stakeholders, and launch more proof of concepts and pilot projects.


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‘Reducing waste is part of our broader sustainable development programme, which builds on three pillars: care for employees, the reduction of the company’s environmental footprint and the development of sustainable service offerings,’ adds Laigo.

Additionally, FM Logistic are working with local communities and their employees to explain the need for going zero waste and what are the benefits for them.

You can read the full interview in The Logistics Point Magazine January 2020 HERE!

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