The Logistics Point Magazine June

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In this edition:

  • David Wells, CEO of FTA, explains why logistics companies might experience cash flow problems in June.

  • Thomas O’Connor, from Gartner, talks about the steps retailers need to take to deal with Covid related disruption and best practices to reopen.

  • Tim Crighton, Partner, Logistics and Retail at Cushman & Wakefield, explains why stockpiling could be a good option for a short term recovery.

  • Simon Crick, CEO at Connected2, a digital recruitment platform, looks at why digital recruitment could improve the process for both employees and employers.

  • Neil Herron, founder and CEO of Grid Smarter Cities, talks about the need to better manage the kerbside and the importance of connecting vehicle and local authorities for improving access.

  • Paul Millier at the Warehouse Auditor App shares his views on mobile health and safety platforms.

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