Einride’s autonomous pod aims to turn logistics safer and greener

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  • Europe needs to catch up with China and the USA.

  • At least 30% of transport could be electrified.

Einride, a Swedish startup, has created an autonomous electric pod that aims to turn logistics greener and safer. The Pod is the first all-electric, totally autonomous transport vehicle to operate on a public road in the world.

‘By installing the Pod and freight mobility platform in our partners’ transport networks, we can effectively eliminate CO2 and NOx emissions, significantly reduce freight costs, dramatically improve road safety, and increase productivity by 200 percent over traditional diesel transport,’ explains Robert Falck, CEO and Founder of Einride.


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‘At least 30% of all transport could be electrified with a good business case,’ believes Falck. He adds that there needs to be a systematic approach to electrification and many problems come from the legacy structure of the industry.

Interest in Einride comes from different players on the markets. Shippers and manufacturing sides, who are generally used to deploying automated solutions, are the most opened to the idea.

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Cost disruptive

According to Falck such solutions could have a cost disruptive effect on logistics. However, he recognises the low margins and the increase in costs due to the coronavirus. Falck things electrification has already brought a lot of change in the way the industry sees its future.

Einride has already deployed the pod on public roads and aims to continue with it on motorways. ‘This technology will be useful in a lot of contexts within the next few years,’ Einride founder continues.

Europe behind

In the future road signage might have to change and accommodate autonomous vehicles and warn drivers they are entering areas where such machines are used. Regulations in Europe will need to follow up. In the USA and China autonomous vehicles are seen as the future, but according to Falck Europe is slower to recognise their significance. This risks turning the continent from a market leader to a follower.

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