5G as a strategic logistics network

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5G might not be suitable for every part of the supply chain but will be implemented in a more strategic framework. Firms could look at how it could optimise efficiency in a manufacturing environment or with robots. It might also find a use in enhancing the user experience with chat bots or other customer centric applications. It is good to look at 5G in conjunction with other technologies where it could develop what is already there.

Andrew Stevens, Sr Director Analyst at Gartner for The Logistics Point, sees the technology as an enabler across multiple different areas. He pays a lot of attention to bandwidth which is going to be of increasing importance for supply chains.

For Gartner there are three core areas where the technology will have a great impact: manufacturing, logistics and transportation, as well as healthcare. In healthcare having the ability to manage critical applications rapidly is of great importance. According to the expert this role could be taken by 5G.

The role of 5G in logistics is just emerging. How can companies transform and start their journey? More from the interview HERE

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