Graduate intake in logistics slows

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Graduate intake has slowed as companies are now able to find highly-skilled individuals that can add value to a business from day one, says Wayne Brophy, CEO at CAST UK, a leading recruitment consultancy, who talked to The Logistics Point about what follows next for the jobs market in logistics and supply chain.

Additionally, it is difficult for them to teach graduates when there are so many social distancing restrictions and a large proportion of office-based roles now being done from home. The appetite to recruit more junior people and train them up has reduced as firms can now find better value hiring more skilled experienced people on lower salaries.

Clients are also looking to employ candidates who they wouldn’t usually be able to attract, and rather than looking to upskill an existing team member (as they would have done previously in the candidate-driven market before the pandemic) they are now taking on more experienced professionals. The recruitment process is also a lot quicker, with remote interviewing and sometimes onboarding too resulting in much shorter timescales.

Read the full interview with Wayne Brophy from CAST UK on page 6 HERE….

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