Procurement faces critical questions in 2021

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Covid-19 has put procurement under the spotlight and it showed how well connected to the other parts of the supply chain it is. This is a unique opportunity for procurement to come up with answers on a couple of critical issues, says Frank Capron, Director at GEP Worldwide in the Sustainable Procurement Beyond Covid-19 e-book soon to be published by The Logistics Point.

According to Capron procurement leaders in 2021 will be faced with multiple challenges and they will need to respond to them in a fast and agile manner. From uncertainty of supplies and trade wars to the need to train specialists, the procurement function is becoming more and more important.

‘Sustainable Procurement Beyond Covid-19’ will be published soon and will look at how procurement responded to the pandemic, what lessons it learnt and what is next.

Experts from different organisations discuss the best path forward and give practical ideas. Register HERE to get ‘Sustainable Procurement Beyond Covid-19’ straight in your email box when it is published for free.

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