Future threats and opportunities for logistics

Logistics and Supply Chain News

2020 brought many unexpected events for the logistics sector. Companies had to pivot quickly and change the way their whole operations worked in order to respond to the increased demand for online deliveries.

Experts believe the rise of ecommerce will not slow down in 2021 as many people tried shopping online for the first time and found out the experience good enough. This will put additional pressure on supply chains and logistics operators who will need to find the right balance.

In addition many problems will continue. Some are worried cybersecurity in the industry is often underestimated and companies do not take the right steps to protect sensitive data. Others believe logistics is too slow to implement new technologies.

But the opportunities are many. The future of logistics is expected to be smarter and more autonomous. Smart buildings will become the norm. We will see more autonomous vehicles and customers’ experience will become an important part of the overall logistics process.

What are your expectations for 2021? You can share your thoughts with us by taking the Trends in Logistics 2021 survey now.

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