Logmore launches dry ice data logger designed for COVID-19

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Logmore, the Finnish data logging pioneer has launched a logger for monitoring deep freeze conditions used for COVID-19 vaccines. Labeled Logmore Dry Ice logger, the solution is designed for dry ice, but also supports warmer shipping temperatures.

The world is not likely to return to normal from the current halt until people of the world can reliably get a vaccine. The development of the vaccine is proceeding well in many parts of the world. Yet, the process has revealed a major challenge for distribution chains: a cold chain on a scale never seen before. Covid vaccines need deep freeze storage throughout their logistics. The temperatures can be as low as -80°C (-112°F).

“The Covid-19 vaccine is just around the corner. When the global deliveries begin, the shipments need to be monitored because the cargo is very susceptible to temperature variations. The temperature needs to be close to -78,5°C to stay under safe conditions. Any big deviations will ruin the product. Logmore Dry Ice is the only QR data logger that withstands the extreme temperatures and rigorous requirements of Covid-19 vaccine deliveries.”, says Niko Polvinen, COO of Logmore.

The COVID-19 vaccines in development present a challenge to global logistics. The industry is now adapting to the coming large scale cold chains. The new logger can track both the internal and external temperatures of temperature-sensitive packages.

Logmore ensures the quality of goods with a seamless cloud service built around the novel dynamic QR code loggers. In addition to temperature, Logmore loggers record humidity, light, shocks, and tilt. Each new measurement refreshes the QR code to embed the data into it.

In the new dry ice monitoring solution, data uploaded by reading the QR code with any smart devices’ camera or standard barcode reader. Data from both internal and external sensors is uploaded to the Logmore cloud platform which allows managing and monitoring quality of fleets of all sizes. Recipients do not need specific technology to use the solution. The data loggers can be used also in airborne supply chains.

The service allows quality management teams to track shipment conditions of other kinds of products all the way to the users, which is especially useful for home deliveries. In the ongoing pandemic, this end-to-end capability will be practical for isolated patients.

“The Covid-19 vaccine will be transported all over the world – in planes, in trucks, through different warehouses, in tropical temperatures. We want to make sure every vaccine is safe to use and protects the person receiving it.”, Niko finishes.

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