A Christmas Peak like never before

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During the last year, ArrowXL, the leading 2-person delivery company in the UK has grown significantly. Charlie Shiels, ArrowXL CEO, shares with The Logistics Point how Covid-19 has impacted operations, how this Christmas peak will be different, and what to expect in 2021.

How is this year’s Peak season going to be different?

I think everything about this peak season is going to be different. The peak started earlier than usual and is set to go on until later in the year. There’s no doubt that this peak period will be bigger. You don’t need to be in the supply chain industry to know that what we are seeing this year, volumes up between 25-35% since April, is at record levels in the sector.

Retailers, who are well rehearsed when it comes to Black Friday for example, are extending their offers. Many retail businesses were trying to flatten the peak with initiatives to encourage early purchasing. We expect this to continue through December. However, I think retailers will begin to push Click & Collect as much as Home Delivery.

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