How product visualization can increase picking quality by up to 20%

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Order picking is one of the essential parts of the value creation chain.

Almost half of all warehouse costs can be attributed to this. In many

places, picking errors can increase these costs even further. Pick-by-

vision provider Picavi aims to improve order picking with a user

interface tailored to the needs of the user. By visualizing items on the

smart glasses’ display, the technology has already led to increases in

picking quality of up to 20%.

In most logistics centers, human workers are still one of the most important

success factors, due to their flexibility and speed when picking orders.

Alongside high productivity, one of the biggest challenges here is keeping

pick quality at a consistently high level. Many logistics centers use order

picking systems to assist workers in their tasks. But many of these methods

only deliver measurable improvements in picking quality when they are

combined with other assistance systems.

Product visualization in the order picking process

Picking errors occur frequently, especially for products that are difficult to

tell apart like screws or other small items. That is why many logistics

centers have images on the storage spaces to help identify the items. But

this is a time and labour-intensive process, especially for fast-growing goods

inventories. Picavi, the company behind pick-by-vision technology, has

integrated product visualization into its process in order to further reduce

error rates in picking. Once the picker arrives at the correct storage space,

they are shown a photo of the right product on the smart glasses together

with the quantity to be picked. This significantly increases process reliability

“Pick-by-vision is like a personal assistant for pickers in their everyday

tasks. We add product images to the user interface, adapting it precisely to

the needs of the picker,” explains Carsten Funke, CSO at Picavi.

“Alongside the greater process reliability granted by the product

visualization, pickers also enjoy much better ergonomics. The pick-by-

vision smart glasses give them everything they need for efficient picking in

a single system.”

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