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On the 9th March at 10am UK The Logistics Point organises the online ‘Micro-fulfilment: The New Era In Urban Logistics’ Conference. With our Gold Sponsor AutoStore System the event will focus on the future of micro-fulfilment, how it could transform urban centres and how retailers can use technology to deal with some of the urban logistics challenges.

Meet our speakers and sponsors:

James Smith, Managing Director and Partner, Autostore System UK & Ireland: James will deliver the keynote session at “Micro-fulfilment: The New Era in Urban Logistics”.

AutoStore, founded in 1996, is a robotics technology company that invented, and continues to pioneer, Cube Storage Automation – the densest and one of the fastest order-fulfillment solutions in existence.

The company’s focus is to marry software and hardware with human abilities to create the future of order fulfillment. AutoStore is global, with more than 500 systems installed in 30 countries over a wide range of industries. All systems are designed, installed and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators – which AutoStore calls ‘partners’. The company’s headquarters is in Nedre Vats (Norway), with offices also in Oslo (Norway), in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Japan and South Korea.

Watch an interview with James Smith here!

Sandra Rothbard is a certified urban planner with a multidisciplinary background and specialization in freight transportation, emergency management and community engagement. After spending over a decade working for government agencies in NYC, she now supports public, private and non-profit organizations as an independent consultant.

Sandra recently moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands to expand her knowledge and expertise. Working through the lens of environmental justice, sustainability, resilience and new tech innovation, Sandra works to help clients improve city logistics around the world.

Read an interview with Sandra here!

Julian https://www.linkedin.com/in/julian-fisher-901270/Fisher is the Founder and CEO of Jisp, an award-winning technology company offering mobile marketing, shopping and payment solutions.

Julian has enjoyed a varied background in technology, payments and new media that saw him launching the UK’s first internet exhibition in 1994. The expo, which showcased companies providing internet-connecting services, was covered live by BBC Breakfast. Their first question was: “So Julian, what is this thing called the world wide web?”

Since then his work has remained inexorably linked to technology, improving sales and payments and tackling compliance issues for a wide group of blue-chip companies. The passion to provide innovative solutions fuels Julian and his team to constantly push the boundaries in unifying on and offline platforms, bringing the best customer experience across retail, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Watch an interview with Julian here!

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