Amazon’s new CEO has a tough job

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Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform in the world, is a leading player in the industry. The company’s growth has been overseen by its founder and CEO  Jeff Bezos, who recently announced he is stepping down. Many are now asking what will follow next for the e-commerce giant and how will the new CEO Andy Jassy change the direction. A spokesperson for Gartner commented for The Logistics Point.

Jeff Bezos’ decision to step down as Amazon’s CEO might have come as a surprise to many. The company transformed the world of e-commerce and successfully entered multiple other industry, including logistics. It is no wonder then that logistics and supply chain professionals are interested in what is next for the organisation as it has become a trendsetter.

Keep growing

Amazon is on a growth trajectory that will continue through this CEO change. Jeff Bezos used technology and innovation as the foundation for Amazon’s e-commerce amazing growth. Andy Jassy is likely to continue that focus on technology to take Amazon into its next phase of growth,’ says Ed Anderson, Research VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. Bezos has accomplished his mission with Amazon and will be ready to focus his attention on other initiatives. 

Jeff Bezos has many other interests beyond Amazon including Blue Origin, The Washington Post, and his philanthropic initiatives. It’s always hard to be the successor to a founder and visionary such as Jeff Bezos. 

However, Andy Jassy is an accomplished executive with a strong track record of building a successful company – Amazon Web Services. Jassy will bring new perspectives to the role in addition to managing the challenges facing Amazon.✷

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