Logmore joins DHL In Securing Shipments of Over 7 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses

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DHL has chosen Logmore to secure over 7 million COVID-19 vaccines in March. The cooperation starts by monitoring the vaccine temperatures in Europe in March and expands in volume to cover all continents in the coming months.

Helsinki-based Logmore’s solution for temperature monitoring consists of data loggers and a cloud service. The logger’s external temperature probe has proven efficient for monitoring vaccines shipped in deep freeze temperatures. Starting in March and continuing through summer, Logmore expects to secure shipments of more than 7 million vaccine doses in the initial run, with more to follow.

Logmore gives fleet management teams access to analytics. At the same time, end-users and employees are able to verify the correct handling of the shipment on the package-level throughout its journey. As a shipment data platform, Logmore fits in well with the DHL SmartSensor service.

The global demand for vaccines will be around 15 billion doses over the following years. The old cold chain infrastructure cannot sustain both the existing need for temperature-controlled logistics and the surge caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

The lessons learned and investments made based on the recent struggles will carry the global logistics industry far into the future. The newly built systems and processes allow different freight types and volumes. Notable changes to existing infrastructure include the modification of commercial passenger jets to include more freight storage.

“This is one more step towards the normal daily life we all are waiting for. Our shared goal is to secure as many doses safely to their destinations. With this and the upcoming partnerships, we get to secure maybe even hundreds of shipments of doses”, says Logmore CEO Niko Polvinen.

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