BiGDUG Search Increase Shows Hope For Struggling Hospitality and Beauty Industries

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Web traffic to the BiGDUG website has seen a 90% surge from brands in the hospitality industry when comparing February 1st 2021 > February 28th 2021 and March 1st 2021 > March 28th 2021 – since the government announced the UK roadmap out of lockdown. We’ve read endless news stories promising the UK’s suffering industries will re-float, but it is another thing entirely to begin to see actual positive change, glimmering in the dark waters that has become the British economy.

We can’t assume that the positive interest in buying goods from the website is based solely on the government roadmap announcement alone (at the end of February), but rather because this plan out of lockdown has kickstarted a wave of bookings from consumers. Giant hotel chains and even wedding businesses have been searching for warehouse and storage solutions, as they are set to boom as soon as the restrictions on guest numbers are lifted for ceremonies during June are a stark change to news about the top five hotel chains in the world on the verge of collapse after losing over $25bn*.

Supply Chain Europe, 19 - 20 May, 2021

An even bigger jump came from an industry that appears to have suffered most during the past year, the beauty industry. 155% more in the past month (compared to February), signalling not only a potential recovery from the brink of collapse (The British Beauty Council begged the PM to reopen beauty parlours and nail salons as soon as possible back in February or cough up £500 million to bail out the industry, as of one in five beauty salons preparied for closure) but a resurgence, as consumers step out of their homes and back into the public domain wanting to look fabulous again.

Luke Cameron, Head of Marketing at BiGDUG said: “BiGDUG has been closely monitoring our web traffic all year to see where interest is coming from. It may sound like an overly authoritative statement to say that those searching for items for stock control and warehouse expansion are clearly ‘on the up’ (or at very least, preparing for an uplift), but this is actually exactly what we can derive from the results they have seen – no business leader of sound mind is preparing to buy in more stock or is in need or more space, if their projections are looking ghastly.

Obviously, we cannot proclaim ourselves to be a highly regarded data source for industry news, but you cannot deny the positive sparkle of hope that our findings have uncovered, in two potentially fading industries. It’s so fantastic to think that we are uncovering little indicators that these valuable businesses are re-inflating.”

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