DB Schenker and Logmore Secure 518 Million Covid Quick Tests from Asia to Europe

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Maximum accuracy for sensitive freight: DB Schenker experts are preparing tens of thousands of Covid-19 quick tests for their way from Asia to Europe over the coming months. Internet-of-Things specialists at the global freight forwarder use highly accurate tracking devices by Finnish Logmore to monitor temperatures during the flight. By including tracking technology in each shipment DB Schenker can ensure that correct shipping conditions are maintained throughout the flight.


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The temperature-sensitivity of Covid-19 vaccines has become a well-known fact for the world over the past year. While the world is slowly getting the pandemic under control, it is far from over. Doses of vaccines will likely be needed for years to come, and as we return to normal, easy testing becomes even more important. 

The quick tests developed for recognizing a Covid-19 infection share the temperature-sensitivity, requiring a steady room temperature of 2°C to 8°C. To be reliable, the tests cannot be stored outside the temperature range, and therefore have to be protected and monitored.

“We’ve chosen to work with Logmore, as their devices are well integrable with our platform, are reliable and have only a small, but enduring lithium-ion battery. Besides that, it is very easy to use. Our warehouse staff only need a regular smartphone that is able to scan a QR code, but no additional app is needed. This facilitates the daily routine in our teams.”

–         Dieter Sellner, Head of Tribe Digital Logistics Services at DB Schenker

To track whether the correct shipping conditions are maintained during the entire time of the transport, DB Schenker uses the Logmore Guardian that uploads the shipment data to the DB Schenker IoT platform for analysis. Once attached to shipments and activated, the Guardians collect the data, saving it in a QR code for data storage and transmission. Upon arrival, workers in the destination warehouse can scan the QR code to quickly check the shipment data. On the eSchenker platform, clients can create shipments and adjust their settings.

For the Covid test kits, the focus is on temperature, humidity, and light. The data is displayed in graphs while the position of the load can be tracked online on a world map. In case of discrepancies to the defined range, an alarm sets off. This allows quick evaluation for both the shipper and the client.

The Logmore Guardian integrates seamlessly with Schenkers device-agnostic IoT platform. The fleet management gets a complete understanding of what happens during their processes, from GPS location to condition data. The level of traceability and transparency allows the fleet to use ever more optimized routes, steadier insurance policies and forecasts on worldwide logistics behaviour.

For clients, the empirical research data translates into faster deliveries, better counsel on loss & damage prevention connected with adjusted insurance options. All of this requires immense amounts of data, which is now possible with the “IoT sponge” that is Schenker’s Telemetry platform. Logmore contributes an important part to the system with the Logmore Guardians that add to the data input reliably. The cooperation shows that a symbiosis of hardware and software from different providers is not only possible, it is also mandatory, to grow in the world of ‘Internet of Things’. 

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