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‘Exploding!’ This is how Michael Hegeman, VP of Channel Operations at eTrac Technologies, a complete supply chain visibility solution, describes the last mile.

Hegeman is joining the speakers and panellists of Last Mile Month, an event organised by The Logistics Point and taking place throughout the month of October. Michael Hegeman serves as the Vice President of Channel Operations for eTrac, a final mile visibility solution for shippers, 3PLs, and retailers that utilizes to create thriving supply chains. Michael has a strong background in technology and IoT, working for companies like At&t, Filewave, and Numerex. He has a proven record of leading cross-functional teams and promoting the importance of last mile efficiency.

In his short introductory video for the event Hegeman said the two biggest challenges for the last mile are drivers’ availability and the cost for delivery. Hegeman is excited to see so many new companies taking on the challenge.

You can watch the short introductory video now and if you have not yet registered for Last Mile Month you can fill in the form below:

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