AutoStore announces the arrival of new CarouselPort 4.0

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AutoStore, the leading robotic technology company, has announced the redesign of its signature CarouselPort with new features and benefits for improved order fulfillment in evolving warehouses. CarouselPort is designed to advance workstation productivity and operates in harmony with AutoStore robots to ensure coordination between robot and staff.
The new CarouselPort 4.0 enables a lower operating cost by reducing maintenance, service requirements, and has increased labor efficiency through an improved user experience. The latest CarouselPort is suitable for those looking to have flexibility within an evolving warehouse space, with adaptable features such as the port controller.

One of the focal elements in this redesign was creating an improved user experience for warehouse staff, from better visuals on labeling outline operations, to the port controller that is fastened on the back side of the front cover for a more intuitive experience. Carlos Fernandez, Chief Product Officer in AutoStore, says “we are excited to announce the fourth generation of our most popular and widely used workstation technology. Listening to our customers is a part of everything we do, and recent analysis of work behaviors has led to further development of the CarouselPort – making the interface even more user-centric”.

AutoStore identified the need to evolve the CarouselPort to further flexibility in the warehouse, with the option to position both the port controller and e-stop manager on the right side, or re-build to the left side to easily fit into any existing warehouse environment.

Some of the lower maintenance and service requirements include pre-assembly in the factory for a faster installation, new furniture to support CarouselPort 4.0 providing the customer with a cleaner design, and reduced parts.

CarouselPort operates with three rotating arms, each holding one bin tray. Usually, two of the arms are positioned in back of the Port where Robots can place or retrieve two Bins simultaneously. The third arm then is in the front position where the operator can access the goods inside the Bin.

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