URB-E Joins Last Mile Month Event

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‘Small scale e-cargo adoption is possible in any city, but if we want to move to a different class of vehicle for deliveries, there needs to be more regulation and support by local governments for using bike lanes for delivery,’ says Charles Jolley, CEO of URB-E, a US based last mile specialist.

URB-E is joining the list of speakers and partners at the Last Mile Month event, organised by The Logistics Point, this October to share how they provide sustainable and clean last mile service in New York. You can register for the event for free. URB-E will deliver a presentation on the last day of the event – 26th October online.

URB-E is containerizing last-mile delivery to help make our cities run better. The containers save a massive amount of space in crowded urban centers and can be moved through city streets more quickly and economically, and with less environmental impact, than other alternatives.

URB-E has some of the world’s largest retailers and ecommerce companies as its clients. The venture-funded company is backed by UBS Group and headquartered in Los Angeles.

For more information, please visit urb-e.com. Register for the online event free below:

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