Logmore and BlueBox Systems – The perfect partnership

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A perfect partnership is a symbiosis of two solutions where the synergies are  so strong that a unique partner product is created for the market. So what belongs together  comes together, as each offers the ultimate in its field. The companies Logmore and BlueBox  Systems are working on such a partner product. A product that has the potential to turn the air  cargo industry upside down and offers completely new possibilities for air cargo tracking. 

This is because both companies combine the following functionalities through their solutions:  BlueBoxAir allows cargo flights to be tracked in detail and transparently down to the minute,  worldwide, across thousands of airports and hundreds of airlines, and compared with each other  in terms of delivery performance. The passive Logmore trackers, on the other hand, attached  directly to the shipment, send data on temperature, humidity, light, shock and tilt as soon as they  are scanned with a standard barcode scanner or even smartphone, directly to the cloud. Or  directly into BlueBoxAir. 

Because when you combine the condition data of the shipment from Logmore with the movement  data from BlueBoxAir, you get unprecedented visibility with unparalleled accuracy. Especially in air  freight. This allows users to directly anticipate where problems with fluctuating temperatures or  humidity have occurred in the supply chain, allowing them to optimize. Through this integration,  Logmore’s low-cost and intuitive passive trackers thus become (semi) active. Currently, one  searches in vain for such a solution on the market for air freight. This is the central reason why  both partners are working at full speed on the integration in order to be able to offer the perfect  partner product from this perfect partnership in a timely manner. 

“The digitalization of air freight is primarily about the fast as well as simple use and evaluation of  high-quality data. In Logmore, we have found a partner who, like us, has developed its product  according to this credo, which is why it fits so well with us,” says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox  Systems. 

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