Calculate CO2 emissions from air freight shipments in real time

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BlueBox Systems offers with its air freight tracking software  BlueBoxAir the possibility to calculate the CO2 emissions of each shipment in real time and in  detail. It is already actively in use in the jointly developed partner software SmartAir! with the  globally active full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. It is already actively in use in  the jointly developed partner software SmartAir! with the globally active full-service provider  Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. 

In logistics, customers are paying more and more attention to their own CO2 emissions. The goal  is to measure the CO2 footprint as precisely as possible at the shipment level, so that it can then  be offset. True to the motto: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure!” However, current tools  only provide CO2 unit values based on weight and distance. This makes the emissions an  estimate. BlueBoxAir provides the accuracy that logistics companies and their customers are  looking for. By specifically assigning the shipment to a flight, the type of aircraft used, and its real time flight data, the exact CO2 emissions per product shipped can be calculated. 

In addition to this, BlueBoxAir provides a unique level of detail and reporting with real-time data  on delivery, targeted to optimize supply chains. It achieves this by using GPS coordinates of  individual aircraft as well as airport data to collect accurate stopover and loading data. The easy to-use user interface, coupled with many reporting and analysis tools implemented as standard,  result in an overview that is unique in the market – centralized via one platform. 

“The integration of CO2 data into our BlueBoxAir solution was the logical next step for us in its  further development. With the data we acquire through our platform, we provide exactly the  overview that companies will need in the future with a strengthened focus on sustainability and  emissions sensitization This brings the important factor of CO2 footprint into supply chain  optimization, allowing BlueBoxAir users to save up to 25% CO2,” emphasizes BlueBox Systems  CEO Martin Schulze. 

“The calculation and compensation of CO2 emissions is playing an increasingly important role for  our customers. The fact that we are one of the first to be able to satisfy this high demand with our  joint solution SmartAir! through our collaboration with BlueBox Systems makes us very proud.  Because it is not only important for our customers, but also for the environment,” says Rasmus .

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