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Automation in the warehousing space is growing. Companies have embraced new technology more than ever and providers of software and autonomous solutions are working hard on new projects. We spoke with Herbert ten Have, CEO of Fizyr, about warehouse automation, trends and expectations and what to expect from Fizyr during our second Micro-fulfilment & Warehousing Event on the 8th March 2022. Watch the video interview below and register for the event now.

‘Applying deep learning AI into the warehousing process has made a huge difference,’ begins ten Have. Our conversation starts from trying to understand why logistics and supply chain companies have taken a long time to fully embrace automation. According to ten Have one of the reasons is that not all technologies were fully ready and the market took its time to experiment and find what would work best. Now we can see many projects taking shape and the growth in automation and micro-fulfilment is unlikely to stop soon.

Project Management

Whenever looking into automation for the warehouse ten Have suggests to take a holistic approach. It is very easy to think that automating one process after the other would be the best solution. According to Fizyr’s CEO, project management would benefit from an overall plan. In his interview he uncovers some of the key areas where focus needs to be put. He also covers the topic of warehouse employees and how automation projects can benefit their work. ‘There are many areas that need humans,’ ten Have explains. His expectations are that we will see a fully autonomous warehouse in the next five years.

What to expect on the 8th March

Fizyr is being part of The Logistics Point’s Micro-fulfilment & Warehousing Conference on the 8th March. Herbert ten Have will share with the audience during the virtual event more about automation, micro-fulfilment and will also talk about real life scenarios and examples. Fizyr designs, builds, and instals a standardised computer-vision software that detects unknown objects varying in shape, size, colour, material or stacking. Its robust algorithms provide over 100 applicable grasp poses each second, including classification to handle objects differently, while performing quality controls. Fizyr is trusted as a strategic partner by global leading integrators, thanks to its fully scalable and proven software-only product, for which we provide full insight and control to install, manage, update and support.

Watch the full interview with Herbert ten Have, CEO of Fizyr, now and learn more about how to begin your automation projects, whether it is better to start from scratch and how to remodel an older facility and what to expect on the 8th March. 

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