GEP Helps Indian Energy Producer With Spending Worldwide

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GEP®, a leading provider of procurement and supply chain strategy, software and managed services to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide, announced that DB Power Ltd., one of India’s leading electricity production and distribution companies, selected, rolled out and started using GEP SOFTWARE™, the industry’s leading procurement and supply chain platform, to support all its direct and indirect procurement.

DB Power Ltd., which is growing rapidly by establishing facilities at strategic locations across India to generate approximately 1200 MW of power, is using GEP SMART’s eAuctions solution to source suppliers using real-time price and volume. GEP’s eAuctions solution was selected by DB Power to provide value and transparency because it puts real-time bidding at the heart of the sourcing process through reverse or forward, English, Dutch, Japanese or Sealed auction type.

Because GEP SMART™ is a unified source-to-pay platform, companies can prequalify their suppliers, and automatically select qualified suppliers to participate in the final auction stage for real-time competitive bidding. GEP’s eAuction provides suppliers with more than 50 custom bidding parameters to win contracts fairly and rapidly, while ensuring their company names are always masked and remain private.GEP SOFTWARE encompasses GEP SMART, recently named the world’s best procurement software for the second year in a row, and GEP NEXXE, the next-generation cloud-native supply chain unified platform. It enables Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients to drive optimum efficiency, agility, visibility and actionable intelligence into all procurement, purchasing and supply chain functions while eliminating burdensome infrastructure and support costs to achieve maximum ROI. 

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