BlueBox Systems and Transporeon form partnership  

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In an industry such as logistics, where increasingly precise figures and  schedules are the order of the day, digitalization is the logical consequence in terms of further  development and optimization of supply chains. With new technologies in tracking and the  retrieval of logistics data in seconds, one’s shipments can be tracked precisely – an overview and  transparency that the industry would have dreamed of 20 years ago. 

Transporeon is one of the pioneers in this field and has quickly become one of the most important  players in the field. They are constantly expanding their network and capabilities. In this context,  the latest partnership makes perfect sense: Transporeon and Air Freight Real-Time Tracking  platform provider BlueBox Systems are now working on joint solutions to enable even more  transparency in air freight.  

Transporeon, with over 1000 employees and offices around the world, offers a range of successful  transport logistics platforms that they use to connect all the players involved in a supply chain.  This has resulted in one of the largest cloud-based logistics platforms in the world with a focus on  process optimization. Through the partnership with BlueBox Systems, solutions are now also to  be developed that include air freight. With its BlueBoxAir solution, BlueBox Systems offers a  product that enables companies and logistics providers to track their air freight to the minute,  analyze loading times at airports and thus plan optimal supply chains. In addition, the platform  offers the possibility of displaying the respective CO2 emissions for each shipment.  

Accordingly, the partnership of these two companies is very good news for the logistics industry,  which will further advance goal-oriented digitalization through new products. “Transporeon was a  kind of dream partner for us from the very beginning because, like us, they combine many years  of industry experience with cutting-edge technology. A joint solution will have a lasting impact on  

the industry for years to come, I am sure,” says Martin Schulze, Managing Director of BlueBox  Systems. 

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