89% Reduction In Carbon Emission In An Evri’s Trail

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Evri (formerly Hermes UK) is continuing to explore alternative modes of transport that are kinder to the environment with a trial of a new electronically assisted cargo bike that is made from natural fibre composite materials and recycled plastics and metals. So far, the results show a reduction in final mile carbon emissions by 89%. 

The trial is being undertaken by an Evri courier in Driffield, East Yorkshire who is using it to deliver on his usual rounds to ensure a like for like comparison. The savings have been calculated using the fuel saved by not running the courier’s vehicle and then adding back the carbon used to generate the electricity to charge the battery and the extra food eaten by the courier to power it!

Adrian Berry, Innovation Delivery Manager at Evri, said: “It is early days as this is one of the first trials into this kind of delivery option but the results look extremely positive. Moving forward it may well play a role in our goal to create a network of sustainable delivery options to supplement our current courier model.”

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