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Self-storage spaces are often outside of city limits in industrial parks. This increases logistics costs and makes the whole delivery and operation far from sustainable. We spoke to Emily Snape, Growth Director at Lovespace, a self-storage company that offers self-storage with collection and delivery, on the link between self-storage and logistics and how the company is bringing it closer to consumers. You can watch the full video interview now.

‘By leveraging a logistics network, it means that you can bring storage much, much closer to the people who need it,’ Emily explains when talking about the link between self-storage and logistics couriers. Lovespace participated in a trail with Transport for London and provided self-storage drop-off facilities across different locations. This shortened journeys and ultimately increased efficiency.

Lovespace is able to use its network and positioned self-storage units on parking spaces and other public areas. ‘There’s lots of opportunity within warehouses to utilise otherwise unutilized space,’ Emily continues. ‘particularly if you do it on a per item level. We do know lots of our customers are storing by the box.’

Consolidating items from multiple customers and using a well-developed logistics network limits mileage and pollution.

Emily says there are many things that need to be considered before delivering one of the units to a public space. Many areas would not be suitable or are just too busy. Companies would need to actively work with local authorities and other interested parties to make sure units help the local community. ‘It is a brand new concept, and one of the challenges I think is explaining to people what it is and how it could benefit,’ Emily goes on. Currently Lovespace plans to go beyond London and into other parts of the UK.

You can learn more about the trial Lovespace did with Transport for London as well how much is the upfront investment in the full video interview now. ✷

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