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Consumers are now used to having a seamless delivery experience every time and expect full information on their goods at any point of the logistics process. Communication is becoming key and technology would be essential for success. We spoke to Vohuman Bardi, Regional Vice President – EMEA & APAC, Shipsy during Home Delivery Europe in Amsterdam. Watch the full video now.

What are the advantages of last mile technology and where should we implement it first?

What is really important is a clear and direct communication with the consumer. They need to know where their order is currently and what they can expect. Last mile deliveries are very complex in the back end but it is important to simplify the front end and what the consumer experiences.

There is a whole load of stuff that happens in the back end. We have got to select the right driver and vehicle, also we need to ensure the delivery happens on time. There are a lot of constraints and this makes technology very exciting and useful.

How can we simplify the technology that goes in the back end?

I think it is about making sure that operations are streamlined into a tech stack with clear processes. For example, if you are a quick grocery company with a commitment to deliver to consumers within 30 minutes and you work with five delivery partners how do you ensure that the processes are set well in place based on regions that need to be serviced. Also, how do you pick your partners: is it just based on performance or the region. In addition, we need to look at the type of orders, as well as the fleet and what vehicles are being used.

The question is if the tech is capable enough to absorb all of these constraints and simplifies the output. If a tech solution can do that, absorbs all of the complexities and give a simple answer back to the retailer, it will make life very easy.

What should we expect to see in last mile tech in the future?

We are more and more moving towards giving the consumer quick and easy access to what they might want. I see a lot of AI and Machine Learning coming into the picture. For example, Geocoding is an essential technology for last mile and logistics in general to ensure delivery to the right address from the first time. Another interesting technology will be blockchain to validate all milestones and information that flows between consumers and retailers.

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