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Logistics organisations have accelerated their digital transformation projects because they see it as a competitive advantage.There is a lot of work that remains to be done but Mark Morley, Senior Director at OpenText, spoke to The Logistics Point about how cloud is reshaping the industry and what more needs to be done to truly reach the Autonomous Supply Chain.

During the last decade cloud has become something not only individuals but businesses have embraced with open arms. Organisations now understand the value it can bring and why having easy access to your data is essential. This does not mean that everything runs smoothly, however.

‘If you’re a global company, pressing the button to go live on the cloud integration platform from day one is almost impossible,’ explains Mark Morley. ‘You have to take a more considered view of how you migrate from an on premise software environment to a cloud based environment.’


So what is the Minimum Viable Product when it comes to incorporating cloud in your operations? For Morley there needs to be a holistic approach where organisations do not just look at one area but the overall supply chain and try to solve problems as part of the whole. ‘It doesn’t matter how many trading partners you’ve got connected to, whether you’ve got 100,000 or 1000, the same principle applies.’ 

The principal Morley is talking about is the ability to reach the furthest parts of your supply chain and onboard 100% of your suppliers and partners onto the cloud.

Tech Future

Morley expects to see other technologies mature and add to the value already provided by the cloud. Some of them are the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. He puts a special focus on Blockchain as something that could really transform visibility and accountability. 

You can learn more about how cloud helps and the autonomous supply chain in the video interview with Mark Morley from OpenText now.

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