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Empty runnings are a problem for logistics organisations that are looking to optimise their supply chain and overall processes. Route optimisation tools are becoming more prevalent as the optimisation questions increase in importance. Many technology tools have now pivoted to looking not just at a single delivery but at the overall operations and the goals. We spoke to Dennis Stenfert, CEO at Transportial, during the Home Delivery Europe event in Amsterdam. You can watch the full video interview now.

By planning better logistics providers can fully utilise their network capabilities. Stenfert explains how working with marketplaces to use the full capacity of a vehicle saves costs and increases customers’ satisfaction.

Holistics Approach

‘We should look at all transport modes when talking about route optimisation,’ Stenfert explains. By incorporating a multimodal approach companies can better optimise their whole supply chain. Technology that can help with incorporating the whole process already exists.

‘The route optimisation technology can provide transport and logistics companies with increased efficiency,’ Stenfert continues. ‘If we can connect the right data we can have more information and better visibility.’

In the future

It might not be very easy to predict what the future of route optimisation will look like. For Stenfert it will be one of more automation and better planning. Logistics operators are using more technology and better algorithms that in turn are making the whole process less dependent on people. Fully automatic planning is not going to happen right away, of course. ‘Fully automatic planning is the future, as long as we provide one another with more data and open sources to connect easier with each other.’

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