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Retail and commerce is no longer just about selling. As consumers require retailers and logistics operators to go the extra mile, the post-purchase experience is becoming essential for the success of businesses and is the differentiating factor that makes companies stand out. We spoke to Andrew Chan, Co-founder & CMO of AfterShip, a leading post-purchase and shipment tracking platform that helps prominent retailers and eCommerce businesses deal with the complexities of post-purchase.

Andrew, what are the biggest challenges that retailers face when we look at post-purchase?

For retailers, this is continuous customer support after the order has been placed. In the past, retailers would simply direct the consumer to the carrier’s website and let them deal with any problems. This is no longer possible.

Do you think retailers have understood that and work on it well?

For every business it is essential to understand the importance of retention for the brand’s success. It is very important because 80% of the revenue usually comes from 20% of the customers. I think retailers understand this but the question, then, is what is the technology adoption?

Many large brands such as IKEA, Levi’s, Amazon and eBay are leading the way but other brands need to follow suit a bit faster.

What does the future look like for the post-purchase experience and overall consumers’ satisfaction?

Companies need to have a post-purchase role and then start measuring the post-purchase effect. It drives actual revenue from the consumer to the merchant.

Retailers will also continue to increase the various touch points they’re monitoring . The new trend will be not only saying that you’ve improved customer experience, but to actually measure how much it’s improved by. This will help determine ROI since there is a revenue associated with every touch point.

You can learn more about the challenges of post-purchase and the benefits of logistics for eCommerce businesses in this video with Andrew Chan from AfterShip. ✷

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