First Picavi Installation in Japan

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In a new building of the Japanese company “SoftBank Robotics”, all processes at the picking workstation of an AutoStore system are supported by Picavi Smart Glasses. The pick-by-vision solution helps employees and ensures high productivity and quality in order picking. The project in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, is the first Picavi application in Japan.

In the approximately 1,000 m² “SoftBank Robotics Logistics Innovation Lab”, the Japanese robotics specialist SoftBank Robotics has put together numerous pioneering technologies for intralogistics for demonstratin to their customers. A central element is an AutoStore system, at which Picavi’s smart glasses are used at the order picking station. The AutoStore warehouse automatically provides the containers with the right goods. The employees receive all the information necessary to pick the right goods in the right quantity via the user interface of the smart glasses and to acknowledge changes in the inventory on the software side. The container is then picked up again by the AutoStore system and placed in storage. 

Many advantages in goods-to-person application

The application in the new SoftBank Robotics Innovation Lab clearly shows the advantages of Pick-by-Vision in the goods-to-person picking: Every process at the workstation can be handled by using Smart Glasses. This includes the multi-order-picking out of containers, but also enables complex multi-order-put applications that would usually require an expensive and inflexible Pick-to-Light system. The use of Smart Glasses can replace this investment and improves productivity at the same time.

Thanks to wearables, workers can use both hands for a more efficient and ergonomic way of working.  The clear visualization in the user-interface adds an additional layer of security to avoid picking mistakes. All this results in a reduced break-even for Pick-by-Vision in the AutoStore application compared to other systems. „We are grateful for the trust we have been given and are happy to see our solution succeed in new markets “, says Carsten Funke, Chief Sales Officer at Picavi. „Such a pilot project not only helps us thrive as a company, but it gives valuable insights for our product development. The insights gained from this application can help improve and develop our solutions.“ 

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