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Greenwashing is not something many organisations are ready to talk about. All companies are building an image that focuses on how well they protect the environment and the additional resources that are being invested. Paul Needler from iParcelBox and David Dawson from Univerisity of Hull took the stage on the 22nd November at our Last Mile & E-Com Online Event to talk about how companies can reach true green by providing more data to consumers so they are better informed.

Paul and David presented the Myparcel Carbon Calculator – a free tool that allows consumers to calculate the carbon impact their delivery choices have. People can enter their address and the address of the nearest pickup point. After that they can choose how they will collect the items and whether they will do more during the collection. The platform can calculate the carbon impact and suggest what type of delivery is better.

Sometimes it will be best and most environmentally friendly to have the parcel delivered to the consumers’ homes. Paul cautions logistics operators who want to rely on lockers and PUDO locations and says they are not always the most sustainable option. Depending on how the consumer collects their items, a delivery could be better.

‘As an industry, what are we going to do to make sure we are not greenwashing customers?’ Paul asks.

Consumers’ Involvement

Consumers are becoming more aware of how their delivery options are impacting the environment and soon we can expect them to demand more visibility. Unfortunately there is very limited objective research on the topic.

Universities like the one in Hull are able to fill in the gap and provide more information to companies seeking to improve their operations and deliver the most sustainable option for their customers.

You can watch the full presentation by Paul Needler and David Dawson from Last Mile & E-Com Online Event now. And more from Last Mile & E-Com Online Event here. ✷

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