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Winning and retaining loyal e-commerce customers is one of the biggest problems retailers now face. Your ability to create seamless deliveries will become your competitive advantage if you have access to the right technology. Retailers are required to simplify the most complex aspects of delivery logistics to achieve best-in-class customer experiences at scale from order-to-door. Mike Elton from FarEye took the stage on the 22 November at our Last Mile & E-Com Online event. You can watch the full presentation now.

In his presentation Mike looked at why companies need to focus on delighting consumers. He also covered the question of how to invest in greener strategies and vehicles, along with why your company can’t afford not to invest in such technologies.

Mike also discusses the need to at least start looking at replacing the heavy-polluting fleet, as soon companies will have no other option but to buy new, electric, hybrid or any other type of new, greener technology vehicle.

The post-purchase experience was also one of the topics in Mike’s presentation. Speed of delivery is certainly important, but what the industry is seeing is the increased demand for timed deliveries.

This only adds to the challenge and complexity for retailers to meet customer expectation, whilst achieving that optimal cost to serve.

Looking at the retail landscape Mike explains that many retailers are now focusing heavily on the sustainability part of their business. ‘Majority of consumers now want more than just a choice on how quickly they can receive their purchases, but also how they can play a part in insisting on a green sustainable delivery,’ he says.

Change is constant

Mike also covered the topic of change. Although he agrees it is hard to predict exactly what would change, history has proved that customer demand, legislation, and companies service offerings constantly change.

The challenge for retailers is to keep up with, and potentially, stay ahead of such changes.

To support this, organisations would need to look for reliable technology partners to invest in. ‘The key for businesses is to find the right, long term, technology partner who can support both today’s challenges as well as tomorrow’s, and this is where FarEye can play a significant and major role’, Mike explains.

You can watch the full presentation by Mike Elton from FarEye now. You can also learn more about FarEye here.

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