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Welcome to the #12 volume of The Logistics Point Newsletter on LinkedIn. 

Happy New Year!

We wish you all the best this year! And we want to share what we have prepared for you.

Warehousing is a big challenge with labour shortages, converting fleets to electric, the energy crisis and more.

Technology is becoming an everyday topic for logistics and supply chain managers. At the same time consumers are embracing digital technologies and robotics faster than ever. Retailers of all sizes are trying to implement not only something that looks nice but also something that brings true value. This will reshape how the warehouse looks and where it is located.

On the 21st March 2023 we are gathering our network for our first In-person Logistics Warehousing Networking. Get your Early Bird ticket now!

Saving Energy

Autostore UK will take the stage at our in-person event to talk about energy savings and how consumers are benefiting from innovative tech that supports inventory management. Robotics can save money and with the labour shortages it can also save a lot of headaches.


Parcelly will also join us to talk about hyper-local warehousing and why it benefits fulfilment and consumers too. They will look at what digital technology can be implemented to improve the overall fulfilment process and where it could fit best.

But that is not all…

We will also look at how private and public are coming together in cities around the world to tackle the lack of storage facilities and the need to limit emissions. And a good look at the warehousing market will give us an idea of what to expect and how the industry is moving forward.

We hope to see you there! You can get your Early Bird ticket and join us on the 21st March in Central London to exchange ideas, have a nice cup of coffee/tea and more.

You can read our latest December 22 edition here!

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