Ecoveritas seeks packaging industry opinion on landmark EPR reforms

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With once-in-a-generation packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reforms close to being implemented, environmental compliance data specialists at Ecoveritas is seeking to canvas the opinion of its client base and the wider packaging sector.

With 2023 set to be the year EPR is finally lined up to go, the packaging sector is on the cusp of securing the much-needed confidence to support its transition to a world beyond waste.

EPR’s implementation has moved at a glacial pace, owing to the lengthy consultation process started in 2019 and the decisions made by Government based on the responses, not to mention the delays caused by the pandemic and political turmoil.

And with some producers still confused and, at worst, completely oblivious of what’s coming their way, Ecoveritas has committed to gauging the mood of those on the frontline.

“Whilst we accept it is our duty as a sector to communicate and communicate, we must ensure we have the necessary tools to help businesses navigate this significant change transition,” said Global EPR Director Andrew McCaffery.

“The whole process has been plagued by uncertainty, and what we’re seeing at ground level is overwhelmed producers realising just how much time and resource will be needed to scale up their data management process to comply with the new regulation requirements.

“With required actions under EPR finally underway, some four years after it was announced by Government in the Resources and Waste Strategy for England, outlining how the new regulation will work in practice for UK businesses that need to comply with this new legal requirement must become our priority.

“We must now move beyond discussing its merits and instead help businesses unpick the intricacies in already challenging times.

“We’d encourage anybody affected to take a few minutes to note down your thoughts, or make your voice heard.

“The online obligation checker and convening a business readiness forum are proof that coherent messages are heard, and that is what we’re looking to provide by understanding the anticipated pain points and contributing workable and accessible solutions.”

The short survey comprising 11 key questions can be found here, and Ecoveritas is encouraging key businesses and media outlets to share far and wide.

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