AJ Products’ new QBUS range provides comprehensive flexible storage for the modern workplace

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The exclusive new QBUS storage range from office and workplace furniture supplier AJ Products has been developed specifically to cater for today’s modern office with comprehensive, flexible, modular storage that spans the entire workspace.  

Offices today are vastly different to those of the past.  Businesses are increasingly becoming digitised and the need for hardcopy filing is significantly reduced.

 Allocated desk spaces are no longer a priority, leading to the need for increased personal storage for bags and laptops.  In addition, the modern office no longer has a clear separation between workspaces and communal areas, requiring storage solutions to solve more than one requirement.

QBUS storage is designed to suit every part of the workspace to create an integrated, harmonious and matching interior throughout the environment. QBUS provides a versatile and extendable office storage range where storage and design synergise for optimal organisation. The series features classic storage furniture such as bookcases, cabinets and practical mail sorting units; as well as innovative new options such as storage combined with a comfortable seating area and lockable personal storage, suitable for communal and reception areas.

A significant advantage of the QBUS series is it can easily be expanded or rearranged as workspace requirements change, facilitating a future-proof solution. This modular concept means that every piece of furniture in the range fits together seamlessly. With an exhaustive range of options, QBUS creates unique combinations of furniture that perfectly suit every business or organisation. 

Helen Beebe, Managing Director of AJ Products UK, explains, “people will always need storage but their needs do not look the same anymore. Employees are sharing desks and wanting to store gym equipment or suitcases before travelling. We want to help our customers bring their offices up to date so they can keep up with changing ways of working whilst also allowing for personalisation. What is great about QBUS is that it can be tailored specifically to the needs of your business and can be easily adapted as your business grows, moves premises or simply when you want to update your layout. QBUS is completely interchangeable, flexible and adaptable making it easy to change without the usual limitations.”

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