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AiDEN Automotive, a connected services platform that provides bi-directional communication between vehicles, services and infrastructure, today announced the availability of AiDEN Services Hub, the industry’s first solution to enable real-time communication and tailored services across vehicle brands, infrastructure and service providers to create a better in-vehicle experience. The AiDEN Services Hub already boasts a strong and growing ecosystem of more than 20 partners across insurance, parking, maintenance, fleet management and entertainment.

While the idea of connected vehicles has been around for decades, the automotive industry continues to face major challenges in creating a bi-directional connected services network. There is a need for a complete and efficient solution that addresses the delivery and management of digital services, as well as communication, revenue, and privacy compliance across all parties – OEMS, service providers and drivers. Proprietary cloud integrations, mobile apps and external on-board diagnostic (OBD) hardware provide only partial solutions, use anonymous data and lack scalability and compliance with current privacy regulations.


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The AiDEN Hub is the first bi-directional service hub for the automotive industry. The software-only solution streams real-time services across vehicle brands, providing a simple and intuitive experience for OEMs, service providers and drivers. With 100% GDPR and CCPA compliance, AiDEN’s consent management feature ensures improved and personalized features and experiences, all while maintaining the highest level of privacy protection.

“Different car brands cannot talk to other car brands, cities can’t talk to cars, insurance companies can’t talk to cars, and most communication to vehicles is one-way – the industry’s current infrastructure is too slow and fragmented, and everyone does it differently,” said Niclas Gyllenram, CEO of AiDEN Automotive. “We knew it was possible to create a world where your vehicle anticipates your every need, delivering tailored services to you in an instant while at the same time providing a platform for OEMs and service providers to create added value for drivers, while also creating new revenue streams. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.”

“AiDEN brings a fresh approach to putting vehicle data to work seamlessly in service of the consumer with simultaneously being GDPR compliant,” said Roger C. Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility at TechInsights.

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