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The warehousing tech has dramatically changed in the last few years. We are looking at more robotics solutions, smart forecasting and business solutions, and more. In addition, the way the warehouse looks has also changed. Sebastian Staihauser from Parcelly, and Russell Holmes from Autostore, join us on the 7th March for a fireside chat about tech in the warehouse. They are both part of our 21st March in-person London Logistics Networking. You can get a ticket for the event here.

‘Robotics and automation is one of the big things,’ began Sebastian, as he listed what technology is changing the warehousing market. Wearables and handheld devices are also becoming a big part of the market. Blockchain and AI are also catching the attention of managers.

Join us on the 21st March, Tuesday to talk about:

Hyper Local Warehousing

Designing Smart Warehousing

Warehousing Contracts

Cargo Bikes & Warehousing

‘Most of the solutions we are looking at need to be fast to implement and easy to scale up,’ added Russell. Systems also need to be highly robust and not fail easily. The benefits of such systems are multiple. On one side, consumer satisfaction will be improved as orders are executed faster and cheaper. On the other side, businesses can focus on their core function and scale up and down depending on demand.

Different Environment

Sebastian and Russell also looked at how the scarcity of warehousing space is forcing operators to think outside the box and implement smaller solutions that can be fitted into a dark store, shop front or the back of the store.

On the 21st March Sebastian promises to take a look into the world of urban warehousing and micro-hubs. And we can expect from Russell a dive into the challenges of the modern warehouse, based on a survey conducted by Autostore. You can get a ticket for the 21st March, Tuesday London Logistics Networking event here.

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