How we can further urbanise Last Mile Logistics through design

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Design and architecture can be overlooked when it comes to last mile logistics but they should not be. With the growing problems for space and the need to be closer to the consumer, designs of logistics facilities is becoming a key component.

‘Through inventive solutions it is possible to deliver space for micro mobility and last mile operators, combining these operations into mixed use environments,’ says Simon Rispin, director at SMR Architects.

Simon will take the stage on the 21st March at our first in-person London Logistics Networking event to talk about design and architecture in logistics. Simon is a Director at SMR Architects, who leads their I+L team which includes working for international e-tailers, 3PL delivery and contract logistics clients and developers.

You can claim a discounted ticket here today!

The other participants are Parcelly, who will speak about hyper-local warehousing; Autostore, who will speak about retail challenges in warehousing; Hatat Solutions, who will look at cargo bikes; and Bexley Beaumont, who will talk about warehousing contracts.

You can claim a discounted ticket for the event and join us for a morning of warehousing insights!

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