Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains

Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains

Logistics & supply chains have been working hard to reach NetZero goals, ESG, green fleet management and more.

But what has been achieved and how hard is it to do it? Results are not always easy to come by but many companies have achieved great success and are ready to share it with the world.

Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains is our Free Online Conference on the 16th MayYou can get your free ticket now!

Together with:

  • Descartes Systems Group
  • British Land
  • Overhaul
  • Guidance Automation
  • and more to be announced soon…

Get your free spot here!

Join us live to hear stories about the present and future of the supply chain and how you can be part of the biggest transformation in the industry.

And we will follow-up with in-person networking event on the 24th May in London. You can get a combined ticket for the two!

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