Could ChatGPT Take Over Logistics In 2 Years?

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Tasks that used to take ours when a disruption happen can be dealt with in minutes by using AI and applications like ChatGPT, told us Raghav Jandhyala is Principal Product Leader (GPM) at Microsoft for Dynamics Supply Chain Platform.

But how will this happen?

Raghav is joining us tomorrow at our Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains Online event to discuss the role of AI, how Microsoft is utilising it to create alerts and provide support for supply chain managers.

In the session we will also talk about ChatGPT, other technologies that reshape the industry and look at the practical and tangible AI use-cases.

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And during the event we will also talk with

Descartes Systems Group, the sponsors of the event, about fleet management. Pol Sweeney will discuss the shift in customer expectations for delivery services and how businesses might assist customers transition to more sustainable delivery options while boosting revenue and cutting delivery costs.

Ecoveritas and Josh Corradi-Remi will look at the fast-approaching packaging Extended Producer Responsibility legislation and what this means for UK businesses over the next few years.

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British Land and Mike Best will take a dive into the potential for urban logistics hubs (‘microhubs’) in Central London to cut carbon and pollution from last-mile freight distribution, and to improve overall efficiency and reliability. and Steve Penney will critically examine the impact of the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) one year after its implementation, and discuss findings from the company’s recent FOI request. Steve will emphasise the need to reform PPT to better support businesses wanting to use Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP).

FourKites’s Todd Simms and Trax Technologies’ Steve Beda will join us in a fireside chat about the way to achieve true ESG.

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