ESG Meet-up! EVRi, Descartes, Zedify, British Land, Backhouse Jones

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Join Descartes Systems Group, EVRi, Zedify, British Land, Backhouse Jones on the 24th May in London for a unique London Logistics Networking & Roundtable event.

We will explore the path towards consumers’ engagement and how to drive better and more sustainable choices that can support NetZero pledges.

Over the past few years, the challenges faced by delivery fleets has only grown. The ongoing driver shortage, rising fuel costs, the increase in home deliveries and rising expectations of consumers with the added pressure of new Clean Air Zones and the road to a net zero-emissions fleet present big challenges and opportunities for delivery fleets. Pol Sweeney from Descartes Systems Group will lead an interactive session about consumers’ engagement.

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Nancy Hobhouse from ERVi will be talking about how to set up and implement a successful ESG strategy which will ensure long term success for the business. She will explain how this was done at Evri and has been already demonstrating industry leading results. It will outline the steps that you need to take and highlight the need to bring other along on the journey to maximise the result you will see.

British Land and Mike Best will talk about ESG and commercial real estate projects. He will take a look at how British Land are investing in sustainable projects.

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Zedify’s Pip Marshall will focus on the use of microhubs and cargobikes can have a transformative effect on urban logistics. Smaller hubs closer to end customers enable operations to be more agile; making it easier to hit tighter delivery windows and allowing riders to do multiple rounds per day.

Bakhouse Jones Solicitors and Emily Carpendale will talk about the ESG legal framework and contracts. Emily will discuss how ESG relates specifically to the logistics industry and what actions operators can take going forward to lead the way.

The event is sponsored by Descartes Systems Group. It will allow all participants to actively comment, share their opinion and ask questions. Each presentation is around 5 minutes with a longer time for Q&A where all attendees are invited to share what their thoughts and experience are.

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