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Artificial Intelligence has really changed the game. Tasks that used to take hours and even days can now be done in minutes. The focus is now on ChatGPT, a new AI powered by one of the largest technology companies in the world – Microsoft. We hosted Raghav Jandhyala, Principal Product Management Leader at Microsoft, on the 16th May for our Delivering Green: Creating Sustainable Supply Chains Online Event. You can watch the full recording from Raghav presentation below.

Artificial Intelligence can save time and reveal problematic areas in a way that no other technology can. Raghav points at the way Microsoft’s AI powered tool showcases important events that could affect a supply chain, as a prime example how AI can make decision makng faster and more proactive.

‘This can be used for any part of the AI, whether it is procurement, transportation, or warehousing,’ Raghav explains. Users are also able to provide feedback and in this way improve what the AI is showing and sharing with them.

Microsoft & Supply Chains

Raghav also took a look at the role Microsoft plays in other organisations’ supply chains and the benefits of collecting data.

‘For many customers, using technology means they are able to build nice-looking dashboards but not necessarily use them to take actions.’ Microsoft focused on providing not just the data but also the action that needs to be taken based on what the environment calls for.

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‘To make the most out of AI we need to bring people, processes and technologies all together,’ Raghav says. ‘We need to move away from the silo approach on every level.’

ChatGPT & Logistics

‘ChatGPT has really transform the industry and it has also transformed my personal work too,’ says Raghav. ‘Supply chain systems are becoming friendlier to the supply chain operator.

The tool can showcase disruptions and then automatically write a message to suppliers and ask them for more details, locate PO numbers, etc.

You can watch the full presentation below. ✷

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