The Logistics Point November 2023

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In this edition:

Page 7 – Feature Adapting to the Evolving Last-Mile Logistics Landscape: Meeting Changing Consumer Characteristics;
Page 15 – Flexibility for consumers, rigidity for retailers: Welcoming the transformed last mile;
Page 17 – Understanding workers’ rights and the gig economy for last mile operations;
Page 18 – Balancing convenience and responsibility: The urban logistics dilemma;
Page 19 – Understanding last mile delivery requirements across age groups;
Page 24 – Behind the Numbers: How 63% of Consumers Are Shaping Retail with Parcel Tracking;
Page 27 – Feature Logistics and the Evolution of Social Responsibility: From Buzzword to Business Identity;
Page 32 – Shaping a Responsible Future: How Logistics is Leading the Way in Responsibility
Page 36 – VIDEO The greening of logistics: bridging the gap between diesel and ESG goals;
Page 39 – The cost of being ethical: How do supply chains count the gains of being good?
Page 42 – The Consumer-Driven Push for Transparency and Circular retail;
Page 44 – Increasing ROI Through Logistics Brand Loyalty;
Page 47 – Balancing Act: Peak Season Preparations in a Diverse Retail Landscape;
Page 50 – EV Vans: The industry struggles due to lack of infrastructure and support
Page 53 – The Road Ahead: How Smart Tyres Are Steering Logistics in a New Direction

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